Now Whit’s on a dating site + news

Oh goodness, and you might think I’m still kidding. NO! Good night! This is getting ridiculous! At the same time, I’m so excited for this episode. Which episode, you ask? “Met His Match”, which not only has Connie on a dating site but Penny and Olivia got Whit on there without his knowing it. And here’s the clip of that scene at this link:

Not only that, but that’s Mrs. Kramer who enters at the end of the clip, I’m sure of it! Also related to Met His Match, is yes, Olivia Parker is in it, and Lucki Wheating is returning as Grandma Lucia. Because this episode was originally called “Whit’s Women”, I have the sneaking suspicion that Mrs. Kramer is not the only one who responded to the online dating profile, Grandma Lucia did as well. Also, Dr. Lily Graham will be returning, played by newcomer actress Kay Bess. You may recognize her from Skylanders Superchargers as the voice of Queen Cumulus. You can watch a clip of her real voice, talking about playing Queen Cumulus at this link: She fits very well into the role of Lily Graham and is a worthy replacement. [Because we all know my opinion totally matters. 😉 ]

Anyways, pretty excited now. This is getting wackier by the second! And yet again, if you want to look at all this yourself, head on over to this link: