Another Fan Art Submission

Hey nerds! Yours truly has drawn herself right into Legacy with a picture of Buck as Guy Goodfellow. (Might as well, right?)


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In the Shadows chapter 5

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn

Chapter five is here! And I’m actually liking what’s going on now, I’m getting the ridiculous nerd smile on my face. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a fanfiction, and it’s got lots of action. I’m not too much of a touchy feely person. So, if you want to read the other ones, you can find chapter 1 right here, and the other links for the next chapters will be from Chapter 1. Or you can read chapter four right here, or you can read them all on my fanfiction account. Enjoy, nerds!

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Part 3 of Phil Lollar interview released by Odyssey ScoopCast

Hey, nerds! Ever wondered how Renee Carter fits into the canon of Odyssey? Well, if you listen to the last part of the Odyssey Scoopcast’s interview with Phil Lollar, now you can find out. You can listen to the interview at this link, or embedded below.


Source/Via: Odyssey Scoop Blog

Odyssey Bible preview available now in the AIOC

Hey nerds! Remember that thing that I made a news item about like, forever ago? Well, the preview of the Odyssey Bible is in the AIOC right NOW. Not only that, but you get to preview an Imagination Station comic along with that (which will be one of many included in the Odyssey Bible), and supposedly you will be able to pre-order this Bible at a “special Club price”, until June 30th, however they give no information on how to do that.

Yet again, let’s be clear that this is not a comprehensive guide to Odyssey. It is the Holy Word of God in… Odyssey… form.

All that to say, I have something else to review.

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