What’s the deal with #825?

What’s the deal with #825?

Hey, nerds! Prepare to be baffled and confused…

We have a problem.

Or should I say, we are about to have a problem. We will now be racking our brains tonight, trying to figure out what’s the deal with episode 825.

Let me explain. The Adventures in Odyssey Club episodes are totally and 100% canon, but they are offset from the current Odyssey timeline. There and Back Again, Part 1 just aired in the AIOClub, listed as episode #822. Part 2 of the episode is listed as episode #823, and Part 3 is listed as episode #824.

Great. So what’s the problem?

Well, first we have to understand that Album 63 takes place after There and Back Again. Find A Penny part 1, which just aired, is listed as episode #826.

#826… wait a minute…

# 822: There and Back Again Part 1
# 823: There and Back Again Part 2
#824: There and Back Again Part 3
#826: Find A Penny, Part 1

My friends, we are missing an episode. This was on purpose. The AIOWiki podcast interview with Nathan Hoobler and Sam Suksiri came out just a couple days ago, and they asked Nathan about the secret episode:

“825 is an answer that you’ll have to- just trust me on this one and say that: it will make sense by the time December rolls around, and I can’t say too much more than that.”
-Nathan Hoobler

December = the release date for Album 64 in the AIO Club. We are going to go back in time, my friends, with one of these episodes. And my speculation? The Jones and Parker mystery that was cut from Album 63? Oh yeah, it happened. Someone is weaving a web.

What’s your opinion? Let me know!

Source/VIA: AIOWiki.com


“There And Back Again”: What we know

Hey, nerds! The first part of the trilogy episode “There and Back Again” will be available in the AIOC starting Sunday. What do we know so far? Well, thanks to a recently-arrive ClubHouse magazine, I have enough info to justify a post.

New Zealand. The land of the silver fern. And the land of… Jay?

Gimli will lend us his axe.

Not only Jay, but according to AIOWiki, Jay’s father, Nick Smouse, will also appear in all three episodes. Scientist. And probably just as fun. Interestingly enough, Nick Smouse is played by Clint Howard- the Clint Howard who is appearing in the upcoming Han Solo film, directed by his brother Ron Howard? No! It can’t be! But this episode will be full of surprises – including a woman with amnesia. Whit, Jason, and Wilson Knox (who is going to be bungee jumping in this episode), go out of their way to help her. The verses tied to this [in the ClubHouse Magazine] are Luke 10:25-37, the Good Samaritan who was “interruptible” from his regularly scheduled program.

Well, I know you didn’t see most of the parts of this post. All you saw was JAY. And more JAY. I’m super excited for the return of Jay! Hold out for Sunday, everyone! [If you are smart you will check Saturday too, they tend to release them a day early sometimes].