Review of Met His Match

Warning. Contains spoilers, and is a gut reaction review. Click the “continue reading” button to continue.

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Album 64 episode available in the AIOC Apps!

Update: one of our readers, NJ, has spotted the episode on the computer site. It doesn’t work for me personally, but I’m not surprised because I have browser problems all the time. So try refreshing your browser!

Hey, nerds! Here’s a step in the right direction! If your Adventures in Odyssey Club app is updated to the most current version, you will see none other than the first episode of Album 64: Under the Surface! It is not on the computer version of the site yet, but they have put up a banner advertising for it, and it will most likely be there momentarily. Meanwhile, listen to it and then sit tight for a review! Luke will review it today (hopefully), and I will review it this weekend (hopefully).

Album 64: A couple spoilers, and more controversy

Hey, nerds! Wrapping up with the AIO Podcast, here are a couple spoilers for you:

Jacques Henri will make an appearance in “Your Honest Opinion, Please”.

Buck has been trying to contact Mr. Skint, in what is presumably the untitled Buck and Eugene adventure that was cut and replaced with Sir Buddy’s Snow Day. But why would they air that line anyway if the episode was cut? Will this line appear in Out of the Picture instead? Was the episode really cut? What do you think?

Luke is trying to get a statement from Nathan Hoobler about this, we’ll update you when he does.

Bob Smithouser: Album 64 in AIOC December 27th

Hey, nerds! Riley (AIODuck from AIOWiki) has clarified the information for us about the Album 64 release date. Riley’s source was Bob Smithouser himself, in a private e-mail with a question about when the album will come out. Bob’s answer? December 27th, with the rest of the episodes coming in January. And he would know because he’s the one who puts it up. Thanks for the tip, Riley!

Now the question is: why are there e-mails saying December 13th?