Review of Met His Match

Warning. Contains spoilers, and is a gut reaction review. Click the “continue reading” button to continue.

I truly enjoyed this episode. It was funny, it had a little bit of a twist at the end (though it was kinda predictable), and this is one of the first times in a long time that I have felt any empathy for Whit.

Connie decides that she needs a date, Penny and Olivia get a buy-one-get-one free deal on the dating profile, they use the other one for Whit.

Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

*Whit is depressed because today is his wedding anniversary. It just is tough. This tugged at my heartstrings. Whit has had emotion for the first time since… since… well, it’s been a long time.
*This episode didn’t focus on Connie. I was glad of it. Connie and dating is a worn out plot line and I was incredibly worried that it would be included in the episode. Instead, we got a joke about how her dating profile includes that she doesn’t want to date anyone that works for the FBI. Good joke, good nod to the previous sagas, and we’ve moved on.
*Penny thinks that being married is just the cats. She thinks that Whit ought to be able to experience the same thing again. Kimmy Robertson was a good actor in this episode and I enjoyed hearing Penny because her dialogue felt natural- paired with good acting, it was good listening overall.
*The overall dialogue for this episode was pretty darn smooth. It didn’t feel choppy or forced most of the time, naturally flowing from one topic to the next. But more about that in the cons list.
*Kay Bess is a pretty good Dr. Graham.
*Instead of Whit stopping the scheme right when he and Lily are on a “date”, he goes along with it, following through to the very end. He proves why this is a bad idea, instead of telling why this is a bad idea.
*Whit and Lily really enjoyed each other’s company at dinner, even if not romantically. It was a nice touch, whereas we kind of expected them to hate it.
*Very nice moral. Penny and Olivia didn’t consult God, while Whit and Lily have been doing so for a long  time, and know more than anyone else that their paths will not cross in marriage. Lily is moving to Africa to be on the mission field, Whit is staying right here to be our favorite world-saver and advice-giver.
*Mrs. Kramer was funny. Wasn’t overboard. Was just funny. So was Lucia Ortaga.

*The ending dialogue was a little bit rough, along with Katie Leigh’s acting. These actors were pretty darn good throughout, the only problem was that Katie Leigh would have really nice acting and then at a few points it wouldn’t be convincing enough. The smooth dialogue throughout made up for it, though.
*I miss Lori Tritel. Not because Kay Bess is a bad actor or anything, I just miss Lori 😦
*At the end, when Whit announces that he and Lily are getting married, it was easy to see that it was a joke. However, good plot device, I won’t complain too much.
*I didn’t find the mustache line that funny, actually. Does this mean that Connie will continue with online dating after taking the mustache description out of her profile??

Overall, you guys, I hate Valentine’s day. I was prepared to hate this episode because it’s a Valentine’s Day episode. I actually quite enjoyed it. A lot. Never a moment where I got embarrassed to be listening or facepalmed. It just was a good episode. Kathy Buchanan strikes again, this time for the better.

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      1. Aha, a shipper! Yep, I am not a shipper of anyone on Odyssey. Well… besides Connie and Rodney. The Ronnie ship. 😂 totally joking

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