The Nerdlies, Issue 41

Review of Product: Mr. Whittaker

By Kungfunaomi

We bought and tried out the latest and greatest product in Odyssey: Mr. Whittaker. Here are some of the big features it offers, with notes after we tried each one:

  1. Free ice cream. Lots of it. There’s a small glitch, once in a while Mr. Whittaker will forget to give it to you free. Make sure you have 50 cents on hand at all times, just in case you have to pay for more than one person.
  2. Cage Fighting. Mr. Whittaker has a great feature that only activates at Whit’s End, because he doesn’t do most of the fighting himself: his two employees, Eugene and Connie, do it all. Unfortunately, there’s a glitch in which Mr. Whittaker stops the fight before we can sell tickets. Way to go, Whit.
  3. Aside from being a mediocre entertainer, Mr. Whittaker is very reliable when it comes to an emergency. If you hang around Whit’s End long enough, you’ll find that everyone comes to Whit for advice. How to study for a test? Ask Whit. My brother doesn’t like me? Ask Whit. How to stop a breach in national security? Ask Whit! You’ll be the first to know if North Korea has nuked our nation’s capital, because the government will ask Whit what to do.
  4. Not only that, Mr. Whittaker is great at being in the right place at the right time! Make friends with him, and he will become like a personal guardian angel. Getting picked on by bullies? Mr. Whittaker will drive them away! On a bridge because you are thinking about suicide? Mr. Whittaker will appear and convince you otherwise! Stuck up on a remote mountain? Mr. Whittaker will “just happen” to be passing by! This is a very useful feature.
  5. Adventure. Building on reasons number three and four is this fact: not only will Mr. Whittaker tell you what to do, but in cases like the breach of national security, or a case in counterfeiting, he’ll recruit you to help him fix it! Pretty great, huh? Who needs those government-employed dudes like police, when we can fix it ourselves? Just beware, because 99% of the people who have helped Mr. Whittaker have been held hostage at one point or another. But it’s OK. You’ll always come out alive when you have Mr. Whittaker by your side.



Album 64 NEWS!


Hey, nerds! Oh boy… so… I have to give you some bad news. According to AIOWiki, Album 64: Under the Surface no longer includes the Buck and Eugene adventure where they take a road trip to find out about Buck’s past. It was replaced by an episode called “Sir Buddy’s Snow Day“, and you can guess who got the slot instead of fan-favorites Buck and Eugene. That’s right… Buddy Norman. According to AIOWiki, there will be a narrator, Buddy’s dad Derek Norman, and of course, Buddy himself.

According to AIOWiki, we also have the titles of two other mystery episodes, the untitled Trickle Lake Adventure is now called Out of the Picture, and will include (as the cover shows), Whit, Wooton, Penny, and Eugene. Out of the Picture is a rather ominous title, don’t you think? It’s set up to be the season finale of Album 64.

The episode that includes a creepy clown, entitled “Your Honest Opinion, Please” is now the opening episode of the album.

The Jones and Parker Detective Agency mystery is now called “The Secret of the Writer’s Ruse“. No writer has of yet been named, although it was likely Bob Hoose.

And then of course next comes Sir Buddy’s Snow Day, and then the two-parter Imagination Station Adventure called “David and Absalom“, parts one and two. These two adventures will feature Olivia and Matthew as they view the story off… you guessed it, David and Absalom.

And then the season finale will be the aforementioned episode Out of the Picture.

What do you think about this new episode lineup? Excited? Disappointed because BUCK AND EUGENE ARE NOT IN IT NOW!?!?!? Let me know in the comments! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


Source/VIA: AIOWiki